Poème de Mélanie Laurent, écrit d'avec Damien Rice, et chanté par Σαπφώ )

Publié le par Σαπφώ Urvoy.


         you're not supposed to be 5'34''                                    Je t'aime — (,


  I walk away from you                                                           je sais ,

  For the first time strong

  And I did my best to see it through                                       et                   ,,,,

  Now I'm watching you just thinking I'm wrong                                                      —,


  But I only wanted you to now                                         : mais tu savais ,,                           ,

  That I never wanted you to go

  I know I was everything                         ,

  You're not supposed to be                                                      qu'avecs_   —        ;

  To someone that you love


  You walk away from meet                                                          _ _sans, aussi              .

  For the first time sure

  And you did your best but you don't see

  How feel it feels                                                             .               mais aussi

  Without you and me


  I only wanted you to know

  That I never wanted you to go                                                       avecs ,.

  I know I was everything

  You're not supposed to be

  To someone that you love


  And I crash and I burn

  And I toss and I turn                                                                           et Dieu |

  I belong to you


  You provokedand you broke

  All my dreams and my jokes                                                         moi

  Buts I'm sitting still                                                                                              toi


  I feel trapped and alone                                                                    eux

  I thank God you are gone

  I sleep better now                                                                         Allah !


  I feel free and I see what you are without me

  I'm alive again                                                                           et Dieu                          


  I only wanted you to know                                                                            ,

  That I never wanted you to go                                                   .....

  I know I was everything

  You're not supposed to be                                                                            ;;,

  To someone that you love

                                                                                 . _                                         





    (...)                                                                    (...)_

         )  2011.-


Album: en t'attendant

(traduction philosophique)(traduction spirituelle)


© Nicolas Urvoy, pour l'ensemble de la page, et la traduction anglaise.


                                                      par Zeus )


et par Mélanie ) )    

Mélanie Laurent )
Mélanie Laurent )


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